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Top Snacks and Drinks for a Successful Date

Gearing up for a first date is difficult enough. After all, if you’re meeting somebody for the first time, it’s doubtless that there are at least some nerves and misgivings to over come – and, for many of us, there’s a lot of them! But once you get over those initial jitters, it’s time to worry about where exactly you’re going to go and what you’re going to do. Many people choose to meet for a meal or snack together, coupled, of course, with drinks. But which type of food and drink is the right type to ensure a successful date? ?

Well, the truth is that you’ll read plenty of advice out there that suggests avoiding this or that, and going for such and such, but if you really want to have a first date you’ll remember, you should just be yourself and go for what you like. For example, it’s common to be advised against foods such as spinach or anything with seeds in it as these can get stuck in your teeth – which isn’t exactly the hottest look in the world. On top of this, supposedly you’re to avoid anything with garlic or foods that are messy – like spaghetti or sandwiches – as these can turn your date off. But if your date is really that bothered, are they the person for you? There have been countless success stories where a new couple have gotten it off their chests from the start that they both love garlic – and let’s face it, everybody loves garlic, so why hide it?

However, if you are concerned about what to eat and drink on your date, here are a few pointers to keep yourself in check. One of the best things to try on a date is getting a selection of snacks and nibbles that you and your date will share. Tapas and mezze style platters are perfect, and you can’t go wrong with pitta slices, houmous, olives, sundried tomatoes and various other dishes that are filled with flavour and fun to eat. What’s more, as everything comes in bitesize pieces, you won’t have to worry about getting too messy – and the food is ideal for feeding each other with, should the date turn sensual.

When it comes to drink, alcoholic drinks are fine – but should be kept to a minimum if it’s your first date. Don’t have more than two or three drinks, and know your limit: even if you’re having a great time, bear in mind that you don’t know your date too well so you need to be careful.

Internet dating is a fantastic, exciting way to meet new people – especially by going out for a meal. Just keep a cool head and remember to be confident about what you want, and you’ll find that the date will shine through, no matter what you end up ordering.

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Taste the finger licking cuisines and drinks at amazing restaurants

For people who love to enjoy different types of food, good restaurants that serve different cuisines like Chinese, Thai, Korean, Italian and much more are just the perfect places to dine out. There are many places where you can choose your dining option according to your taste and requirement. The decision certainly depends on the mood, type of cuisine one wants to eat, how much you can spend etc. These restaurants are offering delicious food, drinks and much more at reasonable prices. So, you can enjoy the meal, snacks and drink of your choice in these restaurants at affordable prices.

Enjoy delicious cuisines and drinks in the top service providers of Restaurant and bar O2. There are numerous friendly places in O2, Arena London where you can celebrate birthday, business entertainment or another sort of a social gathering. They host such kind of parties successfully. In these top restaurants you can also have lunch, dinner, evening tea and much more in unbelievable prices. The service providers offer the most elegant buffet system in most parties, so where ever you want to organize a big or small party, whether in London or Portsmouth, they are always there for you. All you can eat buffet Portsmouth provided by the excellent staffs of the restaurants. Take the pleasure of buffet system that helps to save your time and money. The celebrated chefs, finger licking food and friendly services have added the specialty of these service providers. With all the wonderful facilities, they well maintain the hygiene, cleanliness of food and every utensil use for cooking and serving food. Enjoy the mouth watering taste of nutritious food and drinks prepared from fresh ingredients to stay healthy.

If you are looking for Thai restaurant Portsmouth, you can find number of Thai restaurants in and around this place. Thai food is extremely popular amongst people in Portsmouth. The top restaurants are offering great Thai curries, rice and other delicious cuisines at affordable prices. This also contributes to the place for being a hotspot for tourists and travelers. Ranging from the best restaurants to the small shacks stalls, it is a place to feed every one. The surrounding, the services, the cleanliness, and the brilliant staffs- all combine together to pull off a good dining experience for the guest. Everyone can enjoy Thai food, drinks and the extraordinary services at reasonable prices. Taste the best food of great Thai restaurants in this city at economical prices.

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Energy Drinks Market in Africa to 2017 Market Guide


“Energy Drinks Market in Africa to 2017: Market Guide”provides in-depth detail on the trends and drivers of the Energy Drinks market in Africa. The quantitative data in the report (historic and forecast consumption values) analyses the dynamics in the African countries, providing marketers with the essential information to understand their own and their competitors’ position in this market and the information to accurately identify where to compete in the future.The report provides data to help companies in the Energy Drinks industry better understand the changes in their environment, seize opportunities and formulate crucial business strategies. Summary

This report is the result of Canadean’s extensive market research covering the Energy Drinks market in Africa. It provides a top-level overview and detailed insight into the operating environment for the Energy Drinks market in Africa. It is an essential tool for companies active across the Energy Drinks value chain and for new players that are considering entering the market.


Overall analysis of the Energy Drinks market in Africa. Indivudual country analysis (selective countries) of the Energy Drinks market, including full consumption values for 2011 and forecasts until 2017. Historic and forecast consumption values for Energy Drinks market for the period 2006 through to 2017.

Reasons To Buy

The report provides you with important figures for the Energy Drinks market in Africa with individual country analysis. Allows you to analyze the market with detailed historic and forecast consumption values. Enhances your knowledge of the market with key figures on consumption values for the historic period. Supports you in planning future business decisions using forecast figures for the market. 1 Energy Drinks in Africa – Consumption Analysis 1.1 Africa Energy Drinks Volume Consumption, 2006-2011 1.2 Africa Energy Drinks Forecast Volume Consumption, 2012-2017 1.3 Nigeria Energy Drinks Volume Consumption, 2006-2011 1.4 Nigeria Energy Drinks Forecast Volume Consumption, 2012-2017 1.5 South Africa Energy Drinks Volume Consumption, 2006-2011 1.6 South Africa Energy Drinks Forecast Volume Consumption, 2012-2017 1.7 Other Africa (Global) Energy Drinks Volume Consumption, 2006-2011 1.8 Other Africa (Global) Energy Drinks Forecast Volume Consumption, 2012-2017 2 APPENDIX 2.1 Methodology 2.2 About Canadean 2.3 Disclaimer For more information kindly visit : Energy Drinks Market in Africa to 2017: Market Guide


Bharat Book Bureau Tel: +91 22 27810772 / 27810773 Fax: + 91 22 27812290 Email: Website: Follow us on twitter: Our Blogs:

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Indian Food and Drinks Market Emerging Opportunities

IIHS India is glad to announce the addition of this new business report on the Indian food and drinks. ()

With vast population base, growing middle class population and strong macroeconomic environment, the Indian food & drinks market has emerged as the rapidly growing segment in the Indian retail industry. Rapid transformation in the lifestyle of Indians, particularly those living in Urban India, has resulted in a dramatic increase in the demand for processed or health food, packaged and ready-to-eat food products. Arrival of food multinationals and proliferation of fast food outlets has further added to the growth in this industry. The changing scenario of Indian retail industry, like opening up of new supermarkets/hypermarkets, shopping malls and fast food outlets, coupled with favorable industry trends, is about to bring radical shifts in Indian food & drink industry, says -Indian Food and Drinks Market: Emerging Opportunities-, a latest industry analysis,

This report provides in-depth research and rational analysis on the food & drinks industry in India. It provides detailed overview of the consumption patterns of Indians in various food segments, like milk, fruits, vegetables, meat etc. The beverage segment talks about the type of beverages, their sales and consumption patterns, among the Indian populace. This report has been made to help clients analyze the potential growth areas, challenges and drivers critical for the Indian food & drinks industry.

Key Research Findings

Food, beverages and tobacco industry dominates the Indian retail industry and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of nearly 8% during 2008-2012.

Soft drinks market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of nearly 12% from 2008 to 2012, and major demand will be seen in health & energy drinks, bottled water and fruit juices.

Snack food market is estimated to grow at an annual rate of 18% to 20% in coming few years, albeit from a small base of consumers.

With growing health awareness and concern, the functional food & drinks market is set to grow rapidly in India.

Changing lifestyle, coupled with growing middle class population and changing eating habits, is anticipated to fuel 7%-10% growth in the Indian food service sector annually.

Low per capita consumption of alcoholic drinks makes the country highly lucrative to expand, with wine consumption projected to grow at a CAGR of nearly 23% in volume terms.

For further information, please visit the following link:


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International Information Handling Services Phone : +91 22 2757 8668 / 2757 9438 Fax : +91 22 2757 9131 E-mail : Website :

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A Guide to Mixing Drinks

This article will not be a repository of exotic drink recipes; those exist in abundance across the web. Instead it is a guide to understanding the form and mentality one must take when preparing mixed beverages for guests and patrons.

The first thing you should consider when preparing drinks is hygiene. You are concocting with your hands a beverage which will eventually go into a person’s body. As such, maintaining impeccable hygiene is of the highest importance. You don’t want to get dirt or other debris in their glass while preparing the brew.

Before you start you should at the very least wash your hands with warm water and soap. Then dry them down thoroughly. As you work, be aware of where your hands go. Always wash them after doing unsavory acts like taking out the trash, or cleaning up refuse. Also be aware that your hands may get stick from fruit juices and other sugary mixes.

You also have to be careful about other bodily fluids. If you’re sick, it’s important not to attend to mixing drinks, as you can easily spread germs to your friends or customers. If you have to sneeze, avert your head and cover your mouth. You should do the same with coughing. Afterwards make sure tow ash your hands thoroughly.

When preparing beverages speed is of the essence. Nobody wants to wait around all day while you figure out the right proportions to concoct the brew. Instead you should focus on learning and memorizing the most popular drinks. If someone orders a beverage you aren’t familiar with, it is acceptable to ask them what’s in it, or to look the drink up in a guide book. However at that point you should make an effort to memorize the drink so that next time you will be better prepared.

One of the keys to being a good bartender is multitasking. You should always be involved in several actions at the same time. You have two hands; it is completely possible for each one to be doing at least one, and often multiple separate tasks. This allows you to set up several drinks at once, while also keeping the bar area clean, and ensuring that everyone has coasters, napkins, and anything else they might need.

Finally, you should try and be personable throughout the entire experience. Drinks are social by nature, and should be enjoyed with a smile and a friendly word. Try and make everyone feel included, and just be generally friendly throughout the experience.

This article was written by Jim Slate on behalf of’s line of natural stone beverage coasters. Their exotic lineup includes coasters crafted from sandstone, marble, limestone, slate, onyx, and a variety of multicolored marble materials.

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Feel the Power of Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are beverages that simply boost your energy. The effect is instant and hence these beverages have been very popular among teens and adults alike. There are many brands that manufacture energy drinks. Vemma Nutrition Company is in the business of manufacturing energy drinks and supplements.

Power-packed Nutrition Formula

Energy drinks basically contain caffeine and ingredients such as guar Ana, turbine and certain vitamins such as Vitamins B and C to provide instant and extra energy. Vemma drinks contain the necessary vitamins, minerals and antioxidants required to provide you a solid nutrition base. Just 2 ounces of Vemma drink could offer you your daily energy requirements. These drinks are tested by physicians and are purely extracted from vegetarian sources. The powerful antioxidants and the Vemma vitamins assure wellness and compensate for the loss of nutrition from your body.

The Benefits

Regular use of vemma and verve energy drinks have been found to provide long term health benefits to even those with major health challenges. The delicious liquid formula contains the antioxidant power of mangos teen, the super fruit and the goodness of aloe vera. Regular users of the drink even certify that the beverage can take good care of your heart. The nutrition contained in the formula can fight against the free radical damages of the cells in your body, thereby slowing down the aging process. The company manufacturers another product verve, an energy drink that contains 2 ounces of vemma, 6 ounces of sparkling water and amino acids. Verve energy drink contains no artificial colors and has all the benefits of the super fruit mangos teen. The recommended dosage of the drinks is not more than 3 cans per day. The drink has passed Athletic Banned Substances Screening, thereby making it ideal for athletes and sportsmen. However, both Vemma and Verve are not recommended for women who are pregnant and those with some serious medical condition or an allergic reaction.

Product Information

Vemma energy drinks and supplements contain over 65 minerals, just enough to make you feel younger and stronger in a couple of days. The products are manufactured under extreme hygienic conditions in a climate-controlled room that prevents bacterial contamination in any form. The products are carefully packed to protect them from nutritional loss and from sunlight. The quality of the product is retained by adding oxygen to it that removes any remaining amount of oxygen from the pack. When you consume, the nutrients are already in the body-ready form, enabling your body to get instant energy.

This article written by a professional author, who offers vemma vitamin drinkand vemma ingredients for more information about us visit our website:

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Ensure a Varied and Sustainable Drinks Solution

Anyone responsible for running the food and beverages supply of an office, school, college, hospital, restaurant, hotel or even reception rooms/meeting rooms understands the importance of having reliable drinks vending machines . A good coffee machine can be relied on for a cup of coffee anytime of the day. It also provides a small stream of revenue. However, you definitely need to think beyond providing simply coffee since water is the most desired drink in any season. Remember, even if you are only interested in dispensing hot drinks, there will be people who prefer various kinds of green teas, hot chocolate, energy drinks like Bovril and Bournvita. Hybrid machines have also come on the market in recent years. These offer the best quality bean to cup coffee as well as in-cup selection of teas and hot chocolates etc. >

Obviously, you would match the sophistication and size of the machine to the kind of offtake you foresee. Thanks to advances in technology you now get the kinds of drinks vending machines which allow the use of bottles, cans or cartons. Your customers and employees could buy traditional fizzy sodas, mineral water, juices, or even smoothies! Quick and convenient singles coffee brewers dispense one-cup servings quickly with no fuss and no mess. Users can choose from a wide variety of single serve flavored brews. In a school you might need to consider the need and viability of dispensing things like flavored milk and fruit juices.

If you are uncertain of the product mix or quantum of offtake, then you would do well not to spend a whale of money on a brand new swanky model. Look out for a cold drink vending machines sale which a stockist or even manufacturer might be putting up. You would naturally desire stylish, state of the art soft drink vending machine that combines class leading features and brands with practicality and ease of use. However, if you can’t really such a machine for sale then choose a machine that accepts a particular currency type, so that the lower value foreign currencies are not used to obtain the cold or even hot drinks from your machines.

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